Wireless HDMI

Wireless HDMIWelcome to the Wireless HDMI Guide, where you find all of the details and info you need about wireless HDMI. We cover the components, manufacturers, pricing and best places to buy everything to set up your own HDMI connections wirelessly.

Wireless HDMI Defined

Wireless HDMI allows you to connect two devices that use HDMI connections, through a wireless interface. This means no cables! At each component you wish to connect, you will place a transmitter or receiver unit. This unit will plug into your device at the HDMI port, and will convert the HDMI signal to wireless for transmission and reception to the second unit which is the receiver. So, for one connection, you will have two units or end points, which will connect to each other wirelessly.

You can use wireless HDMI to connect:

The possibilities are endless, you can use wireless HDMI to connect anything that would normally require an HDMI cable. It really is that simple.

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Wireless HDMI Transmitter Receiver

Wireless HDMI AdapterThese transmitter and receiver units are small, simple, electronic boxes which plug directly into your HDTV or signal source (or other component), convert the signal to wireless and transmit it to each other. These items are the basic parts to a wireless connection for HDMI, and you need one transmitter and one receiver for the connection.

Best Wireless HDMI Brands

There are currently a small number of manufacturers for wirelessly connecting HDMI signals. For example, among a couple of others, IOGear makes a USB PC to HDMI wireless setup for connecting your computer to an HDMI input wirelessly. For standard HDMI to HDMI connections that will work where ever you have HDMI input and output, there are two major players: Gefen and RocketFish. Gefen is a well known and high quality company that makes different AV components. Rocketfish is the house label for Best Buy products. Best Buy has someone else make items and they place their own Rocketfish label on them. There are also a few models out there that are made in China which basically have no name or the brand name has never been heard of in the US.